Private music instruction is an opportunity for an individual to learn a musical skill in a comfortable learning environment with a curriculum completely designed for them!

     I work with my students to choose materials and methods that are appropriate for their age and match the learning style of that individual. Younger students may require help from a parent, but generally the student is responsible for preparing for, and attending the lesson.

     Daily practice is ideal in order to maximize the benefit of private lessons. Obviously in today’s busy lifestyle, many students, both youth and adult, cannot find the time for daily practice. But a minimum of several good practice sessions per week at home are necessary in order to make sufficient progress.



     Tuition will be given over a minimum 40 weeks in each academic year (September – July). There will be no lessons during Christmas time and Easter. I will be teaching during some of the school breaks/half-terms. This will give an opportunity to make up missed lessons. Students that haven’t missed any lessons will have the option of attending, giving them a ‘Bonus Lesson’.

     A timetable for August will be prepared by the end of July for students interested in taking lessons in the Summer (depending on teacher’s and student’s availability). 

     A calendar of studio events, breaks and open slots is available on the studio website ('Students' then 'Calendar'). Please refer to this calendar in advance to avoid possible schedule conflicts.

Payment Plans

     I accept bank transfers or cash payments. All tuition fees are paid in advance. You can pay monthly or per lesson. 


     Monthly: By paying monthly fees in advance you are securing a regular weekly lesson time. The monthly payment amount is based on the 11 flat monthly rates (September - July).  This means that whether there are 5 or 3 lessons in that month, the tuition fee* is exactly the same. Weekly students will receive a minimum 40 lessons each academic year. Payments are payable on the 1st day of each month.


     NEW STUDENTS: First few lessons (up to 1 month) can be treated as a probationary period and can be paid per lesson (by bank transfer prior to the lesson or by cash at the beginning of the session).


     Pay as You Go: You can schedule your lessons one lesson at time. You may schedule as many lessons as you would like in advance. Your requested time slot will only be reserved once payment is received (first come, first served payment system). Sending a payment confirmation will be needed to book up the slot. 

Cancellation/Missed Lessons

     48 hours notice is required for cancelling a lesson and lessons cancelled after this point will still be charged for. If notice is given within the cancellation time then the session will  be re-scheduled. If the student fails to show up and doesn't inform me, the student will forfeit that lesson and no make-up lesson will be scheduled. In case of extreme sickness and emergency circumstances please message me as soon as possible. Each student will have the opportunity to makeup 4 lessons throughout the year. This includes sickness and emergencies.**

Late for lesson

     Most lessons are scheduled back-to-back. If you are late I will not be able to extend your lesson into the next student's lesson time. I might be able to extend your lessons only if I have no other commitments after your pre-arranged time slot and this is not guaranteed. No make up lesson will be given for tardy students. 


Teacher Absence

    In the event that I must miss a lesson (I will notify you as soon as possible), the lesson will be rescheduled, credited or refunded. Lessons missed without affecting the student’s total number of minimum 40 lessons for the year, will not be refunded, as they haven’t been paid for. 

Online lesson alternative

     If you or your teacher are ill and may be carrying something contagious, you can still have your class over Zoom/Skype, if you’re feeling okay. This is a great alternative if for any reason (broken car, traffic, bad weather, parents unable to bring their child, etc. ) you can’t come to my studio. You can also continue your lessons while on vacation without missing your class.

Terminating Lessons

     If you wish to finish lessons, please provide notice by email. Students will continue to receive the lessons they’ve paid for until the end of the monthly cycle when the termination will take effect. Refunds will not be issued.


Contacting Me

     I can’t guarantee an immediate response, especially if I receive a work-related message outside my working hours. The best way to contact me is by:

  • text message - if you need a prompt response (emergency, rescheduling, etc.)

  • email - if you want to discuss your tuition, send a homework or anything else that doesn’t need an urgent response.

  • phone calls - I am unable to take phone calls while I am teaching, rehearsing or recording.


Notes for Parents

Notes for Parents

  1. Please try to organize your child's day so there is time to play their instrument (even if it is only for 10 minutes) every day. Children under 9 are usually expected to help with home practice.

  2. Parents are always welcome to sit in on their child's lessons.

  3. Parents please drop and collect your child at the correct time. No supervision is provided outside of your allocated lesson time.

  4. Siblings who take lessons back-to-back are welcome to wait silently in the studio during each other’s lessons. Please bring enough reading and drawing materials, playing on tablets/phones with silent mode, or doing homework to stay occupied.

     *Tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but also time preparing for each student and my ongoing business costs (insurance, my training and experience, professional organisation memberships, my music library, printing, scanning, etc.) Tuition does not include the cost of books and sheet music. 

     **Exceptions will be made for prolonged illnesses and extenuating circumstances on an individual basis.

     ***Note these policies and fees are subject to change and the piano lessons calendar will be regularly updated.